A question we constantly are asked is ‘Why did you chose Fife/Scotland for your new location?’

The answer is simple, ‘The People’!

People are the most important part of any customer service organisation, and for VeriCall to deliver on our goal of delivering ‘Customer Obsessed’ standards of service delivery we needed the right people, who were motivated and passionate about delivering on that aim.

Throughout VeriCall the focus is Customer Centric. Our frontline staff are ‘Customer Champions’ – whose only focus is to champion the causes of the customers they serve. By focussing solely on achieving the optimum outcome for the customers of the brands we support, VeriCall ensure that we deliver the best outcomes for our clients customers and our clients.

Supporting our ‘Customer Champions’ we have a dedicated team of ‘Customer Delivery Managers’. As you’d expect their role is focussed on ensuring our Champions are delivering on behalf of the customers they serve.

To deliver this customer centric vision of outsourcing required a location that provided access to the best talent and local infrastructure. We found this in Fife, watch the video to find out more!