How VeriCall Future Proofed the company for the COVID-19 era
  • Ross Sampson
  • May 26, 2020

How VeriCall Future Proofed the company for the COVID-19 era

Over the past few months, forward thinking BPOs have been able to rapidly transition to support businesses and essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the utilisation of flexible technology stacks, agile methodologies and skilled & adaptable employees they have lead from the front and have played a major part in keeping the economy moving.

As a relatively new BPO, VeriCall planned and built our business around the expectation of Work From Home (WFH) becoming the standard business model over the next 10 years right from when we started. As with many organisations, the current pandemic accelerated that shift for sure, but, essentially, VeriCall had all of its plans already in place.

In fact, thanks to our planning, VeriCall was able to shift core staff to a WFH model seamlessly at the very start of the current crisis, AND achieved this with ZERO contacts missed and with ZERO impact on operational performance.

A number of key considerations made this possible;

• Having a cloud-based technology stack

• Utilising VOIP and SIP based telephony infrastructure

• Employing private internet-based applications protected by IP restriction and access credentials

• Link pay technology that allows PCI compliant payments from remote workers across all channels - including social!

• Intelligent system design, with integrated knowledge bases built into CRM systems allowing agents to identify resolutions quickly without management support. As our systems automatically perform resolutions on accounts when the agent selects the issue from the knowledge base system learning requirements in staff training are hugely reduced, thus allowing better outcomes

• VeriCall equipment was supplied to homeworkers allowing control of the work environment and eliminating the risks of Bring Your Own Device

• Having employee engagement strategies that keep staff engaged and supported while working remotely

Key elements of our success were delivered by our unique payment technology which descopes the agent environment from PCI with link pay technology. This technology allows our agents to initiate a payment with the customer that can be completed on the customer’s device.

The use of single use encrypted urls means the payment is kept secure with the individual customer, but, crucially, the agent can stay in communication with the customer during the transaction, have sight of where the customer is in the transaction flow in order to prompt the customer what they need to enter - but,most importantly, the agent has no sight of the actual card data, thereby reassuring clients, customers and staff.

This has allowed VeriCall to continue taking secure and compliant payments for our clients through homeworking without any impact on their ability to transact!

VeriCall future proofed itself from the outset and this paid dividends for all of customers – large or small - during these unprecedented COVID-19 times.

Key stats:

• From 23rd March (start of lock down) until midnight 25th May 498,495 voice calls handled

• Average time to answer a call was just 18 seconds

• Zero Calls lost

• Zero contacts missed

• Shift to homeworking was done in 24 hours from 23rd March to 24th March

• Onboarding of 400 new staff took 1 week

• 250 new home workers onboarded

• 5 brand new clients onboarded over last month